How we can help

  • Recruitment & Retention
Our consultants are experienced recruiters within their  specialist field, and every campaign follows a rigorous recruitment procedure which may include competency based   interviewing, testing, psychometrics, background checks and references.
We also design and deliver cost effective assessment centres for volume recruitment and senior appointments.For senior appointments, our support programme for the first 3 months in the new job helps individuals to engage quickly with business objectives, to develop effective working relationships and to maximise their performance.
  • Coaching and Career Management

We apply business-driven coaching methods which are designed to bind individuals and teams to the important and urgent goals of the business. We believe that this type of coaching delivers a greater return on investment than any other  people development initiative.

By assigning a carefully selected Career Coach, we can also work with individuals who are keen to develop a sustainable career plan which meets their professional goals and personal aspirations.

  • Stress Management

It is a shocking fact – that stress threatens all UK businesses, resulting in increased absenteeism, decreased productivity,  impaired loyalty, low morale, resistance to change, staff turnover, grievances, even sabotage.In a society where individuals are very aware of their legal rights, more staff than ever before are suing their  employers for compensation.

Preventative stress management interventions can help to protect against the risk of expensive stress-related litigation.

Through a variety of pragmatic and practical stress management tools and techniques, we can help to counteract the negative impact of stress, reduce grievances, minimise absenteeism and so improve teamworking, motivation and productivity.