‘People are our most important asset’

People Partners is an HR Consultancy with a difference, with a philosophy that the solutions to many key business challenges can be found in a workforce which is well placed, well trained and highly motivated through good leadership and empowerment.

Based in the heart of the East Midlands, in Northamptonshire, and working in partnership with your own team, People Partners provides an independent, flexible and professional resource, tailored to the needs of your business.

We specialise in:

  • Recruitment at all levels from shop floor to the Board

Our specialist team of HR professionals will provide cost-effective solutions to your recruitment needs, ensuring that appointments  meet your exact specification, and are matched to your  business culture.

  • Executive coaching and counselling

We believe that investing in business-driven coaching  can bring outstanding results to both individuals and the organisation. Individuals become more capable, versatile and successful in their careers. Organisations benefit from the changes in attitude, understanding and behaviour which will deliver the desired business results.

  • Redundancy programmes, outplacement and ’survivor’ training

Many employers offer some in-house advice and assistance to staff being made redundant, but where numbers threaten to swamp internal resources, we can provide specialist outplacement resources.We can assist with the development of selection criteria, communications and ‘breaking the news’ training  for Managers.

We help individuals to come to terms with redundancy, look at future options, write CVs and market themselves  effectively.

We can also support those who remain with the organisation to adapt quickly to change, and maintain morale, motivation and commitment.

  • Stress management

Most organisations recognise the cost to their businesses of stress, since it is estimated that over 30% of all sick leave is due to stress related illness.Through a variety of proactive measures, we can help your organisation to improve attendance, productivity, employee satisfaction and loyalty, helping your Company to protect itself against stress-related litigation, all of which translates into higher bottom line profits.